How to select directory path?

I want to select configuration directory from the ‘Browse For Folder’ pop up window and the window does not have any text box to type path.
Could you pleas help?

@DSM - can you share the screenshot of the ‘Browse For Folder’ pop up window


I want to select one of the folders from from C:\ drive

@DSM - Open UiExplorer from studio and indicate the OSDisk(C:) and share the selector?
we can create a dynamic selector for the navigation…

unable to view your selector details…
in the editor select the selector text and click on </> icon in the editor to visible the text

`Preformatted text`

Can you see the text now?

Hi @DSM,

You can use the ‘Select Folder’ activity in the workflow, So that you can just specify the folder or to specify a file use ‘Select File’ activity.



Tried using SelectFolder activity but it’s not working.