There is no "File/Folder Select" component in the UiPath.Forms library 2023


I have installed the library: UiPath.Form.Activities version 23.8.0 and there is no component “File/Folder Select” which is used to enter file paths or folders.


Why doesn’t it exist?
Is it installed separately?

Or I can only use a minor version, which does have this component.

I look forward to your help


you can use the normal “select folder”

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Just out of curiosity, isn’t the component still true in that version of UiPath.Form?

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You can put this html tag in the content field


Folder upload

Select folder

Selected Files

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<h1>Folder upload</h1>

<label for="folder">Select folder</label>
<input type="file" id="folder" webkitdirectory multiple/>

<h2>Selected Files</h2>


And how do you get the path from that file input to come out into the Do block when the form is submitted?

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