How to upload a file using select dialog box

Please help. How to upload a file using select dialog box. Please share the sample xaml

It’s not easily done. You’d have to create some way of presenting all available folders / files in the Input Box drop down. The property is a string array. However, it wouldn’t present as nicely as a File Dialog box…

@Enterprise do you think there is a big need for a File Dialog box as a standard activity?



Can you share me the sample xaml file

Sorry for the late reply.
Main.xaml (6.1 KB)
Tested with 2018.1.3
Is this something like this that you had in mind?


I tried to open your file and it shows me this:

Could not find type ‘HttpClient’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 64, Column: 6

Is it a versioning issue?


Please install the UiPath.Web.Activities package in Studio’s package manager.
If you are not sure how, please refer to this documentation: