Selecting Date in UiPath

I am new to UiPath and I am working on a project and I want to select the date of birth of a user. So the date is coming from an excel sheet and I have used Type Into activity but it is not working. So, please anyone can help me getting the desired result.

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Buddy @Ejaz44

May i know where you are typing…
Enable these properties buddy
Clickbefore typing
Simulate type …in type into activity and try buddy

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Normally date pickers are tricky and it only allows you to select from panel.

Inspect and see what function they are passing, whether its on-click event needs to be passed, or whether it requires you to write .js.

Here are a few references (which you could have gotten from a simple search in the forum)

Date picker
Date Picker Selection issue

Check these out, and if these don’t solve your problem then you might have to elaborate your issue.

Regards :slight_smile:

Buddy @Ejaz44

Were you able to enter buddy…

Yes bro, It is working. Thank you so much

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Thats great buddy
Keep going @Ejaz44

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