Need to pick date field in website

HI Team,
In some website, I am Pulling data from the field in FromDate and ToDate Field and after that, I will click on Show Button and I download and save it one location

But now I cannot able to enter the Enter the values for from and To Date field after that event remaining all the action completed successfully as my expect

Can anyone help me here to solve this issues here !!!

my Date drop is available like this only?


Hey @RaviDevaraj, you should be able to select From and To date because dates fields doesn’t seems to be editable.

if I select the from field means automatically display the date only.

But in XAML file, I used the Type into Activity?

You cannot use Type into activity for Date where browser providing selection feature.

Check attached URL which helped me resolve issue so hope it will help you too. You can modify as per your need.

Calendar Selection based on Excel Date

I cannot get you what you are saying can you able to explain a little bit more and make me as understand clear @NavneetPanpaliya

And I can able to achieve this one in my project is possible

Can yo provide more details on your issue? What exactly you want to?
If I understood correctly you are able select From and To date but you want to enter instead of selection. If this is correct then, as I mentioned in above post, you cannot enter value in the selection area as it does not seems an editable filed. Correct me if I did not understood correctly.

My screen shows like in this I need to type or i need to get in from date as “Last week Monday” and to date, as “Last week Friday” is possible to get those values there?

And by manually if I click in my from the field it will display drop-down like this? see below

Are you able to get my issues exately or i need to be more clear on my issues @NavneetPanpaliya

So you are selecting date and take that values as output, correct?

yes .
how we can achieve this

You can scrape the number and click on it by using click text activity


can you tell me if that helps you ?

click Text and Double Click text both of them throws an error

Any other alternative way o achieve this? @NavneetPanpaliya @beesheep @ClaytonM

Are you using a Window variable in your Attach Window by chance? I have seen this happen when trying to utilize window variables. The workaround would be to use a selector string in the Attach Window instead (possibly storing the string into a variable to use multiple times.

I hope this helps.

No i am not all using any variable here ? @ClaytonM

Ok, can you provide a workflow that reproduces the error? That will be more helpful in identifying the issue.