Date Picker Selection issue

Hi, I am not able automate date selection. This site does not allow to input date. So I have to select the date from date picker but automation is not working. Could you please let me know how I can do it.


Use click event and in the selector aaname (which has the date value you clicked)pass the variable(which [user would like to pass)

it’s not working. Same thing happening with other website.

I have to get data from excel and then put it in here. However, this site does not allow me to input date(08/08/2017). I can only pick date. If I have to pick previous year date and I am able to do it.

Please let me know thanks

Hope this will help.
just do the same for other years.

thanks. I will try and let you know :slight_smile:

I’m having the date picker. unable to perform action on the component. No success for both click and keyboard event. Actually it is not a text field.

Anyone please help to sort out the issue.


any sample url?

Hi padil

I am able to pick date in different sites. But for the site mentioned below , i was unable to pick the date.

Any help please.