Select date from calendar



How to select the date in calenders via uipath.

For example: my input date was 6 June 2017.
How to select the date in calender kind of tool


I’d suggest you to use date function inside the “typeinto activity” rather than choosing the date manually. :slight_smile:


We have textbox in the calender section. But when we click the text box, it’s automatically opened the calender. So it means, the selection would be only by click the calender. Moreover, my app was inside the citrix …Please help


so your’e saying is even manually also you can’t enter the date directly into text box?


Yes…U are correct


oh…sorry mate then i don’t have any clue :frowning:
may be @vvaidya and @aksh1yadav could help you on this.


Oh…No worries bro…as u suggested, Wait for someone to help me on this



thank you for your inquiry.

(Assuming you are on the right month) You can use find text position activity.

Then assign the UiElement to a click activity.


Don't familiar with Selector

@bala0402 Since you are said the calender is in CITRIX app and you can’t type into textfield unless u click on calender, one way you can do is considering each date as Image.

Go through below example where the user selects the Calculator Number keys as Image.


In my case, the date is not same all the time. I have stored the required date inside an excel document and now the need is to fetch that value and select the same date from the calender. How should I do this?


Hi, by any chance did you manage to find the solution?

I am also looking for a solution for this.


Hi, I read date from excel sheet and I want to select the date in date picker dynamically.

This is my syntax. but it’s not working.Can anyone help me to come out of this.

Date picker

hope you tried this ?