Selecting Date from Calendar without Typeinto Activity

I need the select the previous month start date will first day of the previous month and the last day of the previous month.
Type into activity is not available for this.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi @Basak_Demirel,

All html elements will have a value linked to the element. In UiPath you can use the Set Element Attribute activity and set the attribute value as you wish.

Here you will have to first inspect how the element value looks like. You right click on the element in the browser and press inspect. The browser will open the inspect window. There you can see the current value of the element.

I am sure such date elements have inbuilt validation so that users give the right inputs. All you have to then do in the Set Element Attribute is to provide the correct format of the date string as required by the website.

This is much faster than trying to use other alternatives like using click on date month year or for that matter faster than simulate type into.

As I do not know the website you are interacting here I can’t give you a complete solution but do try the above approach.

There is also a similar question asked today so may be you get an alternative answer there as well: Date Selection problem In calender - #5 by arj

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Try UiExplorer to see attributes of date UI elements on the web page you want to select.

Thanks for replying.
the site is I could not achive that selectin previous month first and end date unfortunately.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

Simply use the Click activity. Check this xaml

Select Dates.xaml (10.7 KB)

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