Calender dates Picking

Hello All,

I need to pick previous month start and end date in attached image.
please help me out.

Hi @ramshiva_reddy

str_firstdate= New DateTime(now.Year,now.Month,1).AddMonths(-1).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")
This will give start date of Previous Month

str_lastdate= New DateTime(now.Year,now.Month,1).AddDays(-1).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")
This will give last date of previous Month

Hope it helps!!

Thank you for your early response
Actually type into activity doesn’t work here. Its an image. We need to do it by click.

HEY @ramshiva_reddy ,

You can create a variable and assign it to the selectors of click activity.
And you can assign that variable as required date

Note: You have to follw the same date format as the website.

Hope it helps you out!


Give this in Assign activity.
Use Click Activity and change it from fuzzy selectors to Strict selectors and pass the variable.


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