How to select date in calendar without no spaces type

I want select first calendar box 1st of month(any months) date and second calendar need to select previous date in current date.(now.AddDays(-1).ToString)

example: 1st - 11/01/2023
2nd -11/09/2023 (current date 11/10/2023)

Hi @nkaushalya

For the first calendar box (1st of the month), use the “Type Into” activity and input the date in the required format.


For the second calendar box (previous date), use another “Type Into” activity.


Hope this helps


  1. Try to use set text or type into first if that works…either of them might work
  2. If the avbove does not work…then follow the below link where explained about how to work with calendar and a sample is present


Hi @nkaushalya ,
Have you tried type into ?