Select unknown element

I have the following case.

In a form with several comboboxes, I always have to select the second element that appears, but it will always change. How can I fix it?

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Click on the select item firld then use a selector to click on the elements and make sure to use aidx =2…so that it clicks on the second identified element…

If its a ul tag then the selector ahould look like this

<webctrl tag=‘ul’ anyreliable attributes which are smae across the selector idx =‘2’ />

This is just an example to identify the proper selector

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but then I don’t use the select item activity?


In select item you can select based on value not on index…

So to do as stated above

or the other option if youw ant to use select item…then perform a click and do a get text on the items…from the retrieved item find the second value by using str.Split({"The separator you see may be a space or comma"},SplitStringOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)(1) will give you second value pass this to the select item activity


Sorry i can’t understand you.

Hi @alexis.mendoza

you can try Find Children Activity and select the desire combobox. In Filter properties, make sure the filter is

< webctrl />

The output variable is a Enumerable of UiElement. Now you can pass for Select Item Activity the second element text get early by index:

It works with almost all of them except the last one.

When error throw, go to Imediate Pane and type your variable that holds comboboxes values (children) e hit enter. See if it contains the comboboxes options.

If not, in Find Children activity, at properties panel, select COMPLETE in WaitForReady (under Target section)

You also can use click activity for the problematic combobox before Find Children activity. This way you make sure the options load before get them

Let me know if it works and in positive case, mark as solution to help other people that has the same question like you


no it didn’t work


Try manual select one option to populate this combobox before indicate it in Find Element Activity.


Follow the steps

  1. Use click activity and click on the select item to make the drop down visible
  2. Use a get text activity and use the drown down as the element for it…
  3. Say the output of step 2 is str variable …
  4. Use assign with Requiredvalue=str.Split({"The separator you see may be a space or comma"},SplitStringOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)(1) - Here after get text use a log message activity with str as input and check what is getting retreived…say 12856559266,28474484848 is retreived then replace this ‘The separator you see may be a space or comma’ with ‘,’(comma)
    5.Now use a select item activity and identify the select item field and pass the input as Requiredvalue

Hope this helps


It did not work but only in this sector, the rest worked very well.

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