how to move to next element in dropdown

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Cannot move to next element in dropdown using find children and select but after second element not moving to next second element is repeating

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I cant understand the problem, can you share screenshot please?


Hi @apoorva_mehta

Can you tell more about you issue. With screenshots


Hello @apoorva_mehta

Find children activity will help to identify all child elements under the scope of the parent element. As you have mentioned you are able to iterate till 2nd element, can you check in dropdown other elements are available? Also better to share a screenshot of the dropdown and workflow for better understanding.


Screenshot with error and dropdown.docx (254.0 KB)
Hi Rahul,
shared screenshot in word doc please provide input

Screenshot with error and dropdown.docx (254.0 KB)

Hello @apoorva_mehta ,

Perhaps the Select Item activity (link: might help you to select an item from that drop-down menu.

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Here are you trying to select an item from the dropdown?? If yes, i think you can use Select Item activity.


Hi i am using select item but loop is executing till second element and thereafter throws an exception

In the select items are you using the index values to select the item??


No i am using the attributes like aaname, innertext etc

How you are dunamiclly passing the value to iterate through each item?? Can you share a screenshot that…

You need to pass the aaname dynamically to select the other items.


aaname=‘*’ and innertext =‘Values’

Here aaname is the item name ryt?? If yes instead of * you need to dynamically pass the value to it.

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  • is a wild character the elements are changing