Select the element based on current date in browser


I have a web application where the monthly calendar is displayed and every day I need to make entries, I want to automate this, and I can schedule it to run every day.

The problem is selecting the element for the current date since you cannot click on the date but only the area where it says ‘click here to add logs’, I need to somehow find the element attached with today’s date and click on it.
Appreciate all suggestions

Have you tried Click Image? That might work here, also you can try to see a stable selector from UiExplorer



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Will findimageexist work as this will be unique every new next day.correct me if wrong.

Using this I can get a Boolean value (true/false) but how do I tell the robot to click on it (and where it is supposed to click)?

@PrankurJoshi Click Image will not work if the position is changed (like when the page is zoomed in or out), but can test date wise the next day only, so that option is still available.
UiExplorer is a bit complicated, as the columnName condition I want to put the current date like “DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd”)” but it wont accept that, anyways I have made a selector, for today it is working but let’s see how it does the next day, will update you on this.

EDIT: After I wrote this, the selector stopped working, it works once and then stops working again. :confused:

See if this link addresses your issue: