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Hello! I’m new here and i 've already try find a solution here but this is a very specific case. I’m trying to create an automation to register in a Website. Its easy doing this but there is a problem when i have to fill the DATE in “angular” format, type DATEPICKER.


I can use “Click” on element inside browser and UIPATH will get the selector but this type of DATE changes the selector value all time i click on it!! So next time UIPATH run the automation an try to click on that element there will result in error because of missing element!

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The DATEPICKER 2264-8627 is a random code, the last number is fixed that correspond to element and i can’t discover the DATEPICKER to click on elements. This thing just is created when i click on date elements.

Another way i’m trying to do to solve this is the subject of this topic. I’m trying to find a element by image and get the selector. This way can help-me to find what current DATEPICKER and create a correct CLICK on dynamic elements.

By now i counld not find how to do this, please can anybody help me?

Selector example:

Hello! I can’t see your selector example, please repost it. It sounds like you should be using a dynamic selector, have you tried that?

Hi!! Ok, i put the screens for example. See that i opened the date screen and i got the selector of a 30 Mar, after that i closed the date and i did again. See the selectors difference. I just use the CLICK like in example.

Hello all. I solve this using the following resources:
To get the dynamic element i used “FIND ELEMENT” on a element that was not dynamic near to my target element so i used FIND RELATIVE ELEMENT to finnaly get the element. Thankyou.


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