How to select current date using UI elements

I need to select a daily .txt file (I mention here red color it named number 1). Every day this date change. (04/16/20) it’s current date. I need to select current date .txt file and download it. If the current date .txt file is select then needs to click down arrow button(I mention here blue color it named Number 2) for download the .txt file.

@DinukaThilakarathne Have you Tried to use Click Activity on the download button and checked it’s Selectors in UiExplorer ? Also send a Screenshot of the Selector in UiExplorer of the Click Acticity for the Download button.

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@supermanPunch Download part is working fine. The issue is it not capture the current date.

  1. first need to check it’s current date .txt file then it’s correct after that click down arrow button for download the txt file

@DinukaThilakarathne Yes, But we need to know which Attribute gets us the Date from the UiExplorer. Also need to check the mapping between the Date field and Download Button.

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