FindImage - clipping region changes


July 07, 2016 16:38 NONE

This is more of a note than a question, but for anyone else who might run into it:

FindImage (and possibly other Find* activities) change the clipping region in the context.

What that means is that if you have your first FindImage that looks for G in Google’s logo, it will work. Then if you have a second one that looks for the g it will not work, because the clipping region (essentially the part that the activity will work on) has been set to the rectangle bounds of the first found image.

To “fix” it add a Set clipping region with Rectangle of Size (0,0,0,0), similar to what recorder adds in scrape relative.

Hopefully that will save someone’s time in the future…

Now having that in mind - dear UiPath, please provide actual documentation for the activities, especially those that do unexpected things in the background.


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