Select Item Does Not Work

Hi all,

I am trying to select an element from the drop down list and I encounter an error “This control does not support select item” when I clicked on the drop down list.

I am supposed to read the user’s selection from an excel file and select the element based on the fetched value. Therefore, I cannot use the "Click’ activity because the user’s selection is supposed to be dynamic. There are no issues with fetching the user’s selection because I’ve tried printing it and it is correct.

Also, I have tried to click on the dropdown list first before doing the “Select Item” and I hit the same error.

Can someone help?

Hi @samuel.goh

After click the drop-down can you indicate any one item in drop-down using uiexplorer and show what selectors are coming… thanks

Hi Prasath, this is what I am seeing in the UI Explorer.

can you show what are the other unchecked fields also from the left panel…thanks

a select item activity is to wire to a HTML Select element. As we do see a selector pointing to a LABEL we would recommend to fix the selector within UiExplorer (identify the select element within visual tree)