How to bring Select File Activity to Focus

Hi, the Select File popup is always appearing at the background. Is it a bug or an intended behavior. How do i bring it to the foreground? I tried activate and attach window but i am not sure what selector to use

Get the selector of the Select File Pop-Up window and use Show Window Activity -


Karthik Byggari

@KarthikByggari Hi thanks for the reply. The show Window require passing in a windows variable, which i try to get using the attach window activity. I am not sure if my selector for select-file is wrong as there is no response. P.S the select file requires a file to be selected before the attach window activity will get processed

To solve this problem I built a DLL and attached it to the robot via

Here is the VB.NET Code

Public Function OpenFile() As String

    Dim form = New System.Windows.Forms.Form
    form.TopMost = True

    Dim ofd As System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog = New System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog

    ofd.FileName = ""
    ofd.Title = "Select ****** XML File"
    ofd.Filter = "***** XML Files (*.xml)|*.xml"

    If ofd.ShowDialog(form) = DialogResult.OK Then
        Return ofd.FileName
    End If

    Return String.Empty

End Function

End Class