Select file activity go behind all opened screen


select file activity is opening a folder & going behind all opened file. is there anyway we can bring into front always? - I dont want to run a Windws +D before opening folder browser

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Hi @FebinKAndrews

Can you attach a workflow? Or share what are you trying to achieve here.



let us say i have two activity

  1. open a browser
  2. selectfile activity to choose a file via folder browser.

when step number 2 execute, the folder browser goes behind the chrome broswer which opened as part of step no 1. so i have to minimise the browser to select a file using folder browser.

ideally folder browser should be the active one and i shold be able to select a file without minimising the chrome browser.

hope this help

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Hi Febin

I’ve also led with that problem, attached you will find a work around solution

Basically, First step: use the select folder activity (which in my case doesn’t goes behind), then with a For each it gets all the files in the folder selected and add them into a list, finally using the input dialog activity we load all the elements in a combo.

I hope it works for you

Carlos Garduño
GetFilePath_workaround.xaml (12.4 KB)

I am having the same issue at the moment. How do you set the “Select File” window as the topmost foreground window? Is there any update or workaround for this issue, aside from

(1) minimizing all windows before opening the Select File dialog box, and
(2) using another input dialog box as suggested by @Carlos_Garduno

So far I have tried placing the “Select File” activity within a “Use Foreground” activity, but it doesn’t work either.

Is this a potential bug?

Wow it has been YEARS and they still haven’t fixed this. It makes the Activities useless.