Select file activity go behind all opened screen


select file activity is opening a folder & going behind all opened file. is there anyway we can bring into front always? - I dont want to run a Windws +D before opening folder browser

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Hi @FebinKAndrews

Can you attach a workflow? Or share what are you trying to achieve here.



let us say i have two activity

  1. open a browser
  2. selectfile activity to choose a file via folder browser.

when step number 2 execute, the folder browser goes behind the chrome broswer which opened as part of step no 1. so i have to minimise the browser to select a file using folder browser.

ideally folder browser should be the active one and i shold be able to select a file without minimising the chrome browser.

hope this help

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Hi Febin

I’ve also led with that problem, attached you will find a work around solution

Basically, First step: use the select folder activity (which in my case doesn’t goes behind), then with a For each it gets all the files in the folder selected and add them into a list, finally using the input dialog activity we load all the elements in a combo.

I hope it works for you

Carlos Garduño
GetFilePath_workaround.xaml (12.4 KB)