How to set focus to an input window?

If I run the process, the UiPath Studio gets behind and I have to click the Studio in order to click the popup window.

I want to make the popup window to come to the front.

I added “Set Focus” activity but still it does not catch focus.

Please help me!


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no worries
use get active window activity or activate activity


Cheers @Daun

hello @Daun

minimize all the windows in the initial stage of the process(before input Dialog )

to minimize use shortcut called Win+d (send hot key),which will minimize the windows and focus will be on input dialog.

give a try.



Good evening Daun,

In addition to the responses above, you should be able to use the “Send Hotkey” activity to send Window + Up. For this activity, set the “SendWindowMessages” to true.

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

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Thanks Ajju. This is working.