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I am trying to perform web automation where I need to click on an image after the page loads. When I click on the run(F5) button, sometimes the browser opens in foreground and the bot is able to recognize the image and click on it. But, many times, the browser opens but it is not in the foreground and the bot waits till the timeout and then throws an error. However, during the timeout period, if I click on the browser button in the task bar and maximize it, the bot is able to recognize the image and click on it. How do I always open the browser in the foreground?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


How to open the window present in taskbar

If you are able to access the selector information You can use the Activate Activity. Also there is a maximise window activity which may also have the same effect. Both should bring the window to the front regardless of what else is open.

If you cannot see the selector information then you will probably have to automate the steps you took manually - e.g. click the Internet Explorer icon on the task bar


Hi Richard,

I tried using different windows activities like maximize window, show window, etc. but no success.
Will try to use activate activity and update.



Tried using activate activity as well but, no success.


Activate activity does not work every time. It works sometimes. Sometimes, it does not.


Why using click image within a browser?


Because I am unable to create a reliable selector.


you have to put minimize maximize both to bring it up .

In our case all the bots in production are getting impacted due to an Updgrade on the Environment( IE/JAva applet based windows). I wanted to know what is the root cause so that we can correct the root cause rather than upgrading production code of dozens of processes.


HI Team,
I am facing one issue in uipath, please find below the issue.
1.) Application not coming in foreground when running on VM in unattended mode
2.) tried all the way to make it in foreground using activate window activity and other , same code is running fine when we login to the system …
please help us .


It works for me when I use attach window activity with show window activity in it.



Did u get any solution for this?


Hi @Pratiksha,
Yes we got the solution this was happening due to a .net patch , which had removed/uninstalled from the VM control panel.
Patch name KB4054852 should not be there in prod vm as it hinders the ui studio. hope it will help you as well .let me know if you still face this issue after removing the .net patch.

Raj kumar


Hi tarunch23,

Go to the application and access it’s Properties panel.

Change the Dropdown value in “Run” to Maximized and then click on “Apply”.

The window will always open full screen and will have focus.

P.S : You’ll require administrator privileges to make these changes. You can use this for any application which gives you problems while trying to get it in focus.

How to get an application on to the screen?