Select Chrome Right Click Menu Item

Hi All,

I want to right click on some image on the browser and then from the menu item I want to select “Save image as”

I have tried recordings with F2 option but it says element not valid as it is getting vanished immediately after recording start accessing it

I tried UIEXPLORER changing OPTIONS but no success

Please let me know what is the right approach Other Than HOT KEY

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Hi @hkjobs1988,
What Studio version do you have?
In the latest one, the Click activity has the right option for this.

Hi @Pablito,

Request you to review the question, point is after right click an Image in browser you will see above mentioned menu, from there I have to select the item “any item” I am not able to get the selectors for same

Have you tried to work with the Click activity directly instead of recording? The F2 function works well when marking the right element on the context menu.

i was able to replicate his issue

please list down the used versions of Studio, UiPath.System.Activities, UiPath. UiAutomation.Activities. thanks

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