Right Click context menu dissapears

Hey guys,

Can you advise which activity to use for choosing item from context menu when I right click on item? I could use Click activity with BTN_RIGHT option and after it I try to indicate element on screen in new Click activity to choose item from context menu, but when I try to indicate element then context meny dissappears.

Hi @Apple1

Use fn+f2 or f2 keys to get a delay of 3 seconds so that within that time u can select the options

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I created a process you described, but it did not work. Can you please check attached image of process?

I am not saying in that way

Since the context menu dissaper suddenly

So.i recommend when u need to click the options

Use shortcut fn+f2 to provide a delay of 3 seconds so that u can open the context menu and select the option from it

Hi @Apple1,
there are 2 ways to solve the problem, you will have to check, which one works:

  1. Do the richt click on the item and see if the item you need from context menu has a shortcut/hotkey. Then send the key with hotkey activity.
  2. @NIVED_NAMBIAR described it: in studio after you clicked on “indicate element on screen” you have the possibility to press f2, then studio gives you a delay of 3 seconds to to any action (right click on your item to see the context menu). After the delay is over, studio will pick the selector when you click on the item you need in the context menu.

Please try both ways an see what’s best.


Thank you! I followed your description and it worked!

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Got it. Thank you! Yours and Moritz description helped.