Alternative to Right click and select

How can we select from menu that appear after Right click is performed?

Have tried doing selection using F2 and Select Item but did not work any other way to do it…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @anmita

What is the challenge in pausing using F2 and then right clicking and getting the item value?
Are you facing any issue? Usually that is the step need to follow to capture the elements fro right click. Else you can try recording the action using App/Web recorder.

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did you enabled simulate click?

Hi @anmita

Have you tried using 2 click Activity, one for the Right Click and other to Select.


Yes @suraj.setty you are right
1)First I right clicked
2)Then after right click the menu appears over there I had tried another click but it was not selecting the element

No @Veera_Raj I have not

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan I had tried that way the one mentioned in reference but that did not work


Did you tried recording those steps??

Can you please try “uipath.uiautomation” activity with click type as “Double” and then use “Copy Selected Text” activity?

@anmita How about recording the steps? Did you try this

Yes I Tried but even that did not work

@anmita What is the error it was giving

@ushu in UiExplorer I checked so it is displaying UIElement is not initialized

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