Select checkbox relatively

Hi gues I’m wondering… I have a textfile with filenames that are uploaded in docparser and are allready processed. Now I want to read the text file and for each filename in the list I want to check the corresponding checkbox in docparser and finally remove all the checked files from the uploaditemsqueue.
The reading of the file and seperating it in to a array is not a prob, but my question is how do I check if the filename coreesponds to the one on docparser to check it’s checkbox. I though to scrape all the uploaded files in docparser and chech each row against the list, to use the filename in the selector’s aaname, but the selector dosn’t use the filename, it uses a rowId, which isn’t in the scrapped dattatable, so there’rs no way for me to know what it is,I included a screenshot to make it a bit more clear


With the filename list you can check for the Anchor base to click on the checkbox, else check the checkbx selector and possible pass the filename as a parameter for the dynamic selector.

That is what I was planning to do, but the filename is no where used so I can’t pass it to the dynamic selector, cause the robot wouldn’t know what I mean


But in the screenshot we can see pdf files, so we can use that to click the checkbox using Anchor base activity.