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I have scrapped a datatable using datascraping and now in the webpage I want to click on the checkbox where status should be “To Be approved” . Please help.



Hi @somya177

Use check activity to check the check box



actually I want to click on only that checkbox where the status should be to be Approved.
And this status could be anywhere in the table on the webpage.
Below is the screenshot.

Hi @somya177

Then use get attribute with dynamic variable selector
Use element exists and click activity
Use build datatable and add data row


Please elaborate

Please elaborate.
Because this to be approved can be anywhere in the table and I want my bot to click on all the checkboxes where status is To be Approved.

Can we export it ?

Use Data scraping… and you will get datatable in output. Now make a loop of that datatable and u will get rows one by one. Compare it one by one and once you get a status as Approved, just click it via selector. Where pass your aaname as your PO number or whatever the unique one.

i did it the same way but now it’s unable to fine the corresponding checkbox where to click.Giving the selector error.
Please help asap.

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please remove that id in selector, and add some unique values… like, aaname or any else.

Once verify this selector. I just tested it on some random websites and it’s clicking a checkbox.
Can you please provide me your selectors ? You have to check each row with your po number and once that po number exists then you have to select that row via po number as an aaname and then click that checkbox with row value.

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Just provide the first row status and checkbox selector

generate the selector for where status is To Be Approved then Enable the Attribute Name aaname is “To Be Approved” using the UI Explorer.

Hi @somya177,

Get the checkbox selector.

First Extract the Table.

Then do For each row activity
check if condition whether Status="Approved"

if yes click the corresponding checkbox.

create the dynamic selector for checkbox idx value pass it dynamically.



Hi Hemal… I have a similar issue. I have to select a check box dynamically which are under Drop down. How to do that? Here i attached the screen shot of my UI and selectors. Please help me on the same.


It is not getting checked if i click on DD21. I have to click on that respective Checkbox just beside of DD21.

Hi swetha,
Can you please try using a find relative element alongwith anchor base