Select item with checkbox with dynamic selector

Hi All,

I have to select one item from list which contains multiple items listed with respective chechbox field.
So i want to select one item…but i m worried if in future that items index will changed , then how can bot will identify it…please help with this…

You should make the selector as such that it does not have idx or any sort of position, if it contains the name of the particular item in the list, then the position won’t matter! :slight_smile:

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HI, I am new to UIPath. I have a scenario like, a list of items with check box under a drop down. How to click on a particular checkbox dynamically?

In above case i have to selct SCE1 checkbox. But there is no guarantee that, the item SCE1 will be at same index all time.

Hi…, Here if i click DD21 Check box will check? if yes copy the text from web to excel…and put it in excel…example…column(“check”).tostring. then by using assign activity
checktext = column(“check”).tostring. assign like this checktext is your variable… then place the checktext variable as a dynamic selector…

Hi Suresh. Its in a table. I have to Click on respective checkbox only. It wont get selected if i click on DD21.

selector for DD21

These are the selectors.Please help me how to achieve on this. And again, these check boxes are under a drop down.

@swetha The Selector with aaname didn’t Help you?

That property is not there for check box. It is not getting checked if i click on DD21. I have to click on checkbox just beside of DD21.

@swetha Do you get a Selector for Just the Checkbox?

Yes. But it is changing. Please see above attached screenshot for the selector

@swetha Have you tried using different frameworks?

As said by @suresh_kumar4 you can manipulate the selector (Where it should contains the name like AAname in properties) Check The condition If DD21 is output … You can pass the selector in respective check box item … But it completely depends on the selector and the properties . Compare the selectors and select the AA name for all in UiPath explorer …