Select a list a link in a web table using ReFramework template

Hi everyone,

In my case, I should to click, to do something, on each red link until the list is finish.
So for me the Reframework template is adapted. However, if it’s correct, in the Get Transaction Data I need to “select” the column with links and give it a variable name… But I don’t know how I can do this.
Indeed I try to use “element exist” or “finding children” activities unsuccessfully.
Could you hel me please?


Hi @MigT

For REFramework you need to make sure that you have all the data scrapped even if its spanning multiple pages, then if that number link is going somewhere on another page you can use navigate to activity for the same. Just like you might have done in you assignments

It depends on you get after scrapping. Also if data is in multiple pages I am not sure if find children would work. What is the next step once you click on that number?


You are right , In get transaction Data you need to get the data

First Scrap all the data from this view into a data table

then using datatble for each red link , you click the link (using the selector for the click)

in the selector you will subsitute the current value with variable (var= url link) and perform the click/actions

Thanks @PrankurJoshi and @neonova

Data are just on one scrolled page. And it’s this part that I don’t know how I can to scrap them.
The next step (after to click on the link) it’s to scrap a number and to pair it with data in a excel file to send these data to the right person.

is this data in table format? (Rows and columns)? if yes then data scrapping activity should work

Sure but it’s in the Process workflow, I wanted to know the previous step with Get Transaction Data. If I’m correct, it allow to know if there is still, or not, data. So in my case, that would be if there is still data link in my table.
Let me know if I’m not clear.