REFramework Best Practices

Guys, i have a doubt about the design developing on REFramework.

Imagine a HTML page where you have table with multiple items, and a lot of next pages.

What should i do:

  1. Scrap all data on get transaction data -> process all data on process transaction data -> End Process.

  2. Get the page number on get transaction data - > click on the page number if exist and process all the data on the page on process transaction data -> Loop between get transactio ndata and process transaction data until the last page -> End Process.

Thank you!


Welcome to our uipath community.

Both cases should work fine and it all depends on your process.

If you could tell more details about the process like what you will do after scraping data. So that we can check and help you better in this.

I would have a BuildQueue.xaml within the Init stage which would scrape all the data from every page and add them to a queue. I would make sure that the BuildQueue.xaml only ran on the first run of Init (similar to how the config file only loads once)

I would then process each transaction individually.

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Thanks guys!

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