Retrieving data from a table

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How can I retrieve the individual items from this Datatable?
I need to get the text into a PlanName variable and the URL into a PlanURL variable:


You’ll have to use a For Each Row activity with two assign activities within it to assign the values to the variables. (See image below)

Awesome !!! thanks so much :slight_smile: I used to be an Assembler programmer and a number of other languages but don’t know VB, C# or any other so struggle with coding

No problem, happy to help!

@Oliver7598 I was just thinking in the context of the Framework, the table extract I did was in the INIT state portion of the WF. I now want to use the GETTRANSACTION part of the framework to extract one Row from the Table and then pass it to the PROCESS part of the framework. Is this possible ?

The REFrameWork is designed to work with Queues in Orchestrator and will receive the next available item in the queue specified in the Config file and pass it through to the Process workflow.

If in your For Each Row activity you use a Add Queue Item activity to add the row object into a queue in Orchestrator, and set the queue name in the config file, the item will be received in the process file as the in_TransactionItem variable. You can then use in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“ColumnName”).ToString to receive the column value (Replacing ColumnName with the name of the column used)

A full user manual for the REFrameWork can be found here: ReFrameWork/REFramework documentation.pdf at master · UiPath/ReFrameWork · GitHub

@Oliver7598 - cool - will do as suggested now. thanks a mil.

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