Select a hidden "+" in google maps

Hello People, Today i have this issue…

I want to select a location from google maps an save it into a layer

The problem is… i need to click the “+” what is hidden and shows only when you put the mouse over him.

The issue takes place when you already save many elements and appears a scroll…how can i always select the “+” without worry the scroll? the css selector sometimes change and thats the error.

Best Regads!!!

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click on the Restaurant with plus symbol and without plus symbol
get the selectors and kindly share them please
and also another selector with a click activity with that plus symbol alone as element

Cheers @panpan1020

ClicksGoogleMpas.xaml (5.8 KB)

Only the click with the plus and the click with the whole element, remember that is in “google My maps”

@panpan1020 have you tried using the ‘hover’ activity? I believe there is a ‘simulatehover’ option you can choose in that activity so it is done in the background and doesn’t require a scroll

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It Dosn’t Work