Extracting Data From Google Maps

Hi everyone,

I am reading an excel file and from the for each row in that excel file I have to search in the google map and scrape phone number of that company since all the companies don’t have updated their phone number I also want to bypass that names.

My concern is I am using get text activity to get the number but it is not working with all names, and throwing an error.
I also make the selector dynamic still also this happens. Help me with this Thank you in advance. @kalyanDev


Hi , As my understanding selector is not working right and it is working for some names right so place the selector here once so that we can suggest.

"<html app='chrome.exe' title='Sharanam Infraproject and Trading Limited - Google Maps' />

@kalyanDev here is the selector i dont changed it but if i did then also it won’t work.