Select hidden element


i have this data and i want to select this hidden element using element exists activity


but if i scroll down he wont stop using this



some times it appear, some times it hidden by it self
i have no idea how to do it, please help

give a try on using click activity along the the simulateClick option (depending on some other factors if this will be supported or not. So just try it.

Other strategies could be:

  • datascraping the table for checking if value is present and calculating the row index for a controlled scrolling
  • using hot key activity for the scrolling instead of clicking on the scroller arrow button. Try this wir with arrow down and/or page down key

but how to stop scrolling if the element was appear or was able to click

there are different strategies:

  • as done by you with element exists
  • sometimes we can retrieve text info from scoller element an can check if it has reached the end

can you show me how to do it ? i confuse how to do it