Select a dynamic item from the select item activity

Hello Pros, please suggest the easiest way to select from the item below, the value is dynamic it changes depending on the user’s bank.See screenshot below for reference image

The bot fails to select the item whenever the value on the screenshot changes, how do I make it select any value that comes from the select item

hi @stanstilo

Try to make the selector dynamic
if possible show the SS for selector

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Hy @stanstilo,

try using a dynamic selector like this:
Select an item and check the selector. Select and right click on the ‘text’ you want to change, and assign to a variable.

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hi @stanstilo

why don’t you go with index of the item in the list,

instead of select item activity , you may need to use two click activities , one click to open the list items and second one to click on the item which you want to select.

pass the selector contains index of the item instead aaname.

hope this will resolve your problem

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Hi @stanstilo

you can try by getting the text with Get text activity and assign to a variable,
by pass that variable to the select item and check the selector if any static values in aa name or inner text make it ‘*’


The get text activity couldn’t capture the text from the select drop down, even when I used click activity, it couldn’t click

Invalid ui node

You can use * or ? in Select Item

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Yea, tried it on select items now, it worked

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