Select from a dynamic drop-down list

Dear Community,

I am struggling with one “tiny” operation. I have stored in a variable an element, I then open a dynamic drop-down list (sometimes it has 2 or 20 elements) and I need to do the match with my variable then click on it.

Could you help me out please ?



Hello @CBahim instead use Select Item activity ( try to put activity in Try Catch, because workflow will throw an error if provided variable is not available in list.)
let me know if this worked for you…

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Thanks for your answer @AkshaySandhu. Actually the select item doesn’t select in a dropdown and doesn’t throw an error … so it is kind of a dead end.
But after a lot of trial and error I found a solution; while, text exists, click image, and some hotkeys (some were working but not all of them).

Im glad you found solution.

@CBahim Can you share your solution