Select from a dynamic drop-down list



Dear Community,

I am struggling with one “tiny” operation. I have stored in a variable an element, I then open a dynamic drop-down list (sometimes it has 2 or 20 elements) and I need to do the match with my variable then click on it.

Could you help me out please ?




Hello @CBahim instead use Select Item activity ( try to put activity in Try Catch, because workflow will throw an error if provided variable is not available in list.)
let me know if this worked for you…


Thanks for your answer @AkshaySandhu. Actually the select item doesn’t select in a dropdown and doesn’t throw an error … so it is kind of a dead end.
But after a lot of trial and error I found a solution; while, text exists, click image, and some hotkeys (some were working but not all of them).


Im glad you found solution.


@CBahim Can you share your solution