@Select item is not working


I am using select item to select the State name from the drop down throwing an error as shown below:

Any problem with drop down type?
I tried with find children activity to get the “aaname” but not working.


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Hi Girish,

You can try through hot key’s,but sometimes it is not working through select item.


Below is the URL for the site:




The “Select Item” activity is unavailable for this field. You must have to use an alternative way to select the item that you want. Maybe if you go through with click activity you’ll figure out.


when I enter type into I am unable to do that, how can I choose it?


Here’s an example to choose an item:

chooseItem_Example.xaml (7.8 KB)

If you need to choose another value, you just have to change the selector.


AZ - Arizona - <html title='USPS.com® - ZIP Code™ Lookup' /><webctrl aaname='AZ - Arizona' parentid='select-frame' tag='A' />

CA - California - <html title='USPS.com® - ZIP Code™ Lookup' /><webctrl aaname='CA - California' parentid='select-frame' tag='A' />

Hope IT Helps!


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Value is dynamic.

It’s possible to pass a variable into the selector.

Check it out:

Yes we can pass. I can’t able to open your workflow


Any idea why select is not working in drop down.

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That page has multiple layers - there is an actual dropdown there, but if you just indicate on the screen then it picks up a different element (SPAN for me) that is not supported for this activity.
Try with this as the selector for select item (checked on IE):

<html title='USPS.com® - ZIP Code™ Lookup' />
<webctrl id='sState' tag='SELECT' />

The key is to locate an element tagged SELECT in the page structure.
Try for example by indicating something on the expanded list with UiExplorer (remember that F2 gives you 3 seconds to set up before indicating) and going upwards in hierarchy.


Use this selector

<html title='*' />
<webctrl id='sState' tag='SELECT' />

Good to know. I pasted the <Select> in w3schools tutorial and got the selector from there. :sunglasses:


Thank you @andrzej.kniola
I will check this solution.
I am trying with microsoft edge with my personal lap but not able to do “Indicate on screen” and selector incorrect if I insert the above selector.

Hi @andrzej.kniola,

It is throwing an error, when I use select item.
When I use click and type into it is working but page is moving extreme left and selecting the state.

Help me on this.


select country.
it work? use internet explorer
Main.xaml (12.8 KB)

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Hi You can use any browser,if you want to run in ie then you will remove app=‘chrome.exe’ other wise you can use directly for chrome
DynamicSelectState.xaml (9.5 KB)

Hi @CristianCubas,

It will work only if you pass the full value to select “IA - Iowa”, it is not working if you pass only Al or NY

use String.StartsWith(AI) click

Hey @Girish

The reason has already been mentioned by @andrzej.kniola

This page is using a javasctipt /Jquery to render the Select box with a predefined css and style. so even if you will pass the class name to that particular js file on page load it will convert the appearance of that select box so for design js library is using span and nested layered structure.

There are many open js libraries like Select2 and so on which works same way.

I have worked with those many times early in my career :slight_smile:

<html title='USPS.com® - ZIP Code™ Lookup' />
<webctrl tag='SELECT' name='sState' id='sState' />

This will work with the opened or activate page :slight_smile:

let me clarify you even if you will find select item indication is available then also you will observe you will select from the values populated by select activity in dropdown .
So similar here you have to pass the exact value name to select inside the Select box.

There the values name are like on that only so you have to pass the name so uipath will select the exact name for you on the DOM element select tag.


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