How to dynamically select a value from dropdown using 'Select Item' activity?


Can any one help me in selecting an value from dropdown using ‘SelectItem’ activity dynamically,
Like lets take an example if the dropdown have 10 values in it, i want to select some 3rd or 5th some thing like that, the values will change dynamically so i need to depend on position of that value(i.e count).
How can i do that using Select Item Activity.

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Hey @Nandan_K

Have you check this thread?


Hey @aksh1yadav

Thankyou for the solution, but this is not the one i’m looking for,
because in my case the values will be populated into the drop-down from database which does not have fixed attributes, the attributes are dynamic.

similar to the dropdowns in the below website


Yeah with this you can get selector as well then by using that selector you can use Get attrbute to get that dynamic attribute value.

Hope recheck it and some lil change will resolve your problem i Guess…


I understand your issue, it is dynamic values where you will not get any of the fix item using get attribute.

You want to mimic the user activity, you can use click activity and then send hot keys to move down to move to next element, now you can read using get text.

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Hi @ezharul.ansari,

Thank you…followed the same process but was looking if there is any alternate solution other than this.

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In my sheet i have columnName “Passport Office”, its 1st value is Bengaluru and depending this column value i need to select option from dropdown.
Can anyone help me out, how to click the desired option(“Bengaluru” in this case).
Please refer to attached image.

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Hey @sharad.kesarwani

You can read the data from excel and by using Read Range( If have large data for different user) otherwise if it is a single cell then you can read that cell and then you can use “Select Item” Activity and indicate that selectbox and pass the your data(stored in a variable) to it.


Thanks @aksh1yadav, it is working fine for general sites but when i am trying same with my CRM I am getting error and it is not able to select correct option from dropdown.

selector is



Try with. Some delay or simulate key check or still if problem is there
then trim the value.

Hi @aksh1yadav
I tried your solution. However please note that my s/w doesn’t allow direct data entry. We can only scroll the drop-down list and select the required value. In this case, what should be done?


Hi @Rajeev1,

can you refer this post of @Girish


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If it’s a citrix environment then you can’t use select item activity. In citrix you can reach to required field using tabs (or whichever wat you are reaching there, right now), once you are there use type into to select the required value, assuming there is no field to type, but when you press a key your drop down takes you to the first value starting with that letter, and from there you can use down and enter keys to select the required value.

Hi @sharad.kesarwani,
After you pass the value from the excel try the “send hot key” activity by placing “tab” key in it.I think it is useful for you.

@aksh1yadav Hii, can u pls suggest me how to do click on drop down box and select the value. For info pls check the screenshot.