Search Text in SAP pop up window

Unable to get data table or selectors or extract table records from pop-up window.

Do we have alternative way to search required text in provided options in popup? If provided text is matched in list —exit from the pop-up window

else - mark this exception, unable to find provided text.

@ppr - i’ve tried using Click text and send hotkeys (pgdn) until text is not found. I am looking for best reliable method to search text in this table.
data scrapping is not working in this.

Iets start with an analysis if a dynamized element exists could work.

for this we do need to inspect the selectors / uiElement

have a look here:

this helps you to easy catch and share uielement info.

  • run for a batch
  • click on a text value e.g Deceased
  • confirm that want go for a next retrieval (do not end batch)
  • click f4
  • select same text.
  • confirm that want go for a next retrieval (do not end batch)
  • click f4
  • select same text.
  • share the generated EXCEL with us

while changing the the Frameworks with f4 take a note whicht iteration used which framework.

BatchResult.xlsx (10.6 KB)

For e.g. i am trying to search Retirement (code 20) among list of items.

Thanks @ppr for this activity


The best and the most reliable way of searching inside SAP is to use native SAP Search

See blue box:

Best regards, Lev

thanks for feedback to the activity. I am happy that it is working and makes things easier.
On a first look it seems to me that the indivual lines are not recognized

Can you please confirm following:

  • SAP Scripting is enabled Client side, Server Side
  • When you try to identify e.g. Deceased with an indicate itrem the entire window turns into the blue selection box

@ppr -

yes individual lines are not recognised.

-SAP scripting is enabled client side, server side.

  • Data scrapping is working for other SAP tables.

ok at the first stage we are blocked to look inside.
maybe the hint from LevKushnir

I dont like much to do text scraping and check with a regex if a certain value is present. But when it helps in a first workaround to go ahead with the development so give a try on this

@LevKushnir - I’ve used hot key (Ctrl + F) to find and click specific code. Thanks

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there is no need to do DataScraping in such tables. the solution is to use SAP native search.


I agree to you as mentioned above. In some environments with ranging SAP response times, we had some situations were clients requested for alternates. Thats all about this and why an alternate was mentioned

Getting this error : Send Hotkey: Selected key not found in the special keys list. I was trying to use Ctrl + F or Ctrl + f to enable native search option.

use simple CLICK activity and select the right button

@LevKushnir - Getting whole block using CLICK activity. This is the reason i was trying to use CTRL + F (manually working in this scenario).


I see :slight_smile: I assume, you missed this point of configuration on your machine

Set it up and try again. It will work

@LevKushnir - These configuration steps are added before.

Send Hotkeys (Ctrl + F) option was working and then tried Type Into option to search any text inside this table.

Thanks for solution!

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