SAP Click did not work


I’m trying to click on a texte celle inside SAP table, but when i refresh tha table and try to click, thé screnn go to thé left so the texte celle became not visible and throw error i tryed:

Mouse click with enable…

Click texte…

But did not work. Its really a strange behaviour from SAP!!!


Fine tune the selector using UiExplorer, Select tags that are more unique to element

Hope this will help you


i dont thins it is a selector problem, here is the full one i used:

here is the scipt screenshot:

  1. If the value or the text that you’re trying to click is going to be a unique value that is not going to appear in any other part of the window, then can you try using the Click Text method at the window or sub-window level rather than the table level. Use Occurrence in Conjunction with Click Text to click text if there are duplicates found.
    Just to be sure that the value isn’t having any spaces before or after or there aren’t any hidden characters between the text, use the data scraping method and check how the value looks.
    You can provide the result that is obtained from the data scraping as the input to the click text.

  2. One more method is - Try using Find Children method which will return all the elements within a specific element. Then using For Each loop we can iterate through the elements to click the appropriate one. Please refer the below page.
    Return All Elements Of A Table Using Find All Children Activity

did not work always the same behaviour

is there any one from uipath that can help me ?

HI @abdel

Please ensure, that you have enabled High Speed Connections, then everything will work. This is must for automation

Best regards, Lev

i found the this option checked by default:

but the same problem occur


try to use set focus and then move window activity.

hope this might help you to solve the problem!


It’s really strange, i had used all the methode:

simple click with “Alterifdesabled” “sendwindowmessage”
click text with occurence 1.

set focus + move window + mouse/text click

it simply does not work.

the window is moving to right just when the click begin, so it will be hidden and i got the following error:

“Click ‘Label 30003973’: Unable to get the screen rectangle for this UI node. This could be because the element is not visible.”,

@LevKushnir, i tryed to change to slow, but must change selectors because they did not works.

HI @abdel

To be able to understand the automation challenge better, please share following information:

  • SAP WinGUI version
  • SAP WinGUI transaction
  • UiPath UiAutomation Activity version

In addition share the following screenshots:

  • SAP WinGUI screenshot - Full screen (you can blurry the business information)

Best regards, Lev