Specific Text Extraction from SAP Page

Hi Everyone,

I have a task to extract a specific text from a SAP Page. the page looks like this:

I need to extract the red marked text for each line and use them individually later in the process. I tried to use get text and get full text also data scrapping but the selector is not working. with screen scrapping i can extract the whole text but then how to extract only the Text marked in red i dont know, can someone please help me with this? would highly appreciate that

Thanks in advance

Hello @Tarif_Mohammad,

When you extract the data with scraping, if you paste the data table to an excel file, is not separated by columns?

I mean, if you write the dt to an excel, then you can loop the dt and get with an assign the column you want

Is it not working?

@Angel_Llull I thought of this too but i cannot extract this as a Datatable thats the issue the selectors are not working to exract this as Datatable

And downloading the table as .xlsx clicking on some SAP button? Then get that excel file and read it to get the column?

No option like that is available and that is why i m stuck

the only activity that is working is Screen Scrapping by which i was able to extract the whole text and from that i need to extract the only info (red box marked) that i need

Hi @Tarif_Mohammad ,

Could you make sure that there is no option to Export the Table to an Excel format. Usually we do find Tables being exported.

However, Could we Check using an UI Explorer if we can select the First Row First Element? If the Element is getting Selected, we might be able to indicate the desired column values needed and get it one by one by iterating counter values in Selector.

Let us know after you have Checked the above.

@supermanPunch Hi yes i have checked and the export option is not available. using UI Explorer i could select the first row and first element and the selector for that looks like following:


Could you show us the options that appears on the right side?

Such as this one:


it really generates nothing

@Tarif_Mohammad , Could we try Changing the numbers inside the id attribute of the Selector and Try to find the Element/value that you require?

Using UIExplorer you can do this and let us know the Selector which indicated the element required

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And if you click on Ui Frameworks? And then choose active accessibility for example. This will change what appears and maybe appears more options to choose

Yes i m thinking of this but the number of rows are not fixed here like in this case its two but it can be more or less as well

@Tarif_Mohammad ,

We could handle this by Checking if the Element/Row Exists and then perform the retreival.

@supermanPunch do i used the same selector in Element exist?#

@Tarif_Mohammad , Yes. Do give a try and let us know if you face any issues.

@Tarif_Mohammad Can you try right click on the table and see is there any export to excel option available

@supermanPunch ur idea worked with a little bit of work around thanks alot :slight_smile:

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