SCRUM with JIRA RPA Projects

I wanted to get a consensus on what other developers and projects are doing within a SCRUM environment and how they setup JIRA.

Scenario 1: Some of our clients Create Epics for each process and successfully identify stories for each smaller workflow in the process to help break down development in smaller chunks

Scenario 2: Other clients Create an Epic for their process and identify a deliverable (PDD, SDD, DSD) as stories to help track progress because the Epic can’t be broken down to generate an incremental release. It all has to be done at once.

Scenario 3: Another set of clients created a Business Unit as an Epic and then their stories were the processes for that BU.

The 3rd option was not ideal because the nature of an Epic is to have completion and they kept on adding processes/stories to develop which kept the Epic open. Therefore, this setup didn’t last long… SMH :neutral_face: :expressionless:

Anyhow, I would like to know how you are setting up your JIRA projects within a SCRUM environment or any thoughts on above scenarios.

#scrum #agile