Agile, does anyone use to move faster with new process automation

Hi All,

I wonder if any of you use Agile methodology for RPA?
Any advices how might we apply Agile to the RPA process? We generally want to accelerate and be able to go with our automations faster into production environment.

Thank you!

hi @niteckam

yeah we can follow agile in RPA
we are following some of the below mentioned point

  1. Will create weekly sprints based on the sprint planing meeting (weekly sprint)
  2. Each weekly sprint have a achievable goal (plan tasks according to the availability and productivity of the resource )
  3. Focus on the deliverable for Each of the sprint
  4. Resource allocation
  5. Sprint Review meeting at the end of the sprint and reviewing burn-down chart


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It depends on your team, if everyone is cross skilled etc then Agile works nicely. If not it becomes a little harder. (By cross skilled, I mean that they can do RPA development aswell as something else like analysis etc)

By breaking down parts of a process into features it enables quicker development time, each feature can then subsequently be broken down into tasks (or components). This allows any member of the team to pick up work so everyone is working towards the same goal.

It becomes tricky if you constrained by limited development resource as there becomes a bottleneck etc.

There is alot more that goes into Scrum then there is by just using a Kanban board for example, so finding the right fit helps.

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Hi @niteckam

yes, we can use the agile development methodology to develop RPA solutions. I have tried by weekly sprints as that’s the normal standard we follow. Within every sprint, the tasks are broken down into several small scenarios which can be addressed much faster. Daily updates are also taken as a part of the sprint so everyone is aware of their tasks for the day and the progress of the tasks that are currently being handled.

It is one of the best and efficient ways of progressing in automation solutions :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Thank you for all your answers.
I wonder how it can be connected with the whole RPA project. We start from PAD then PDD then whiteboard then DSD then development in a studio.
And how we can get faster with all those documentations steps? And for you what documentation is a mast and what can be eliminate?


Well, whatever the approach we consider, still there can be tasks that highly depend on one another. Specially tasks like documentation because those are very much important when it comes to the development. So some tasks needs to go sequentially one after the other while some tasks can be broken down into small parts. I don’t think documentation can be broken down into small parts because its all one part that has to be done perfectly… So these parts, I don’t think we can do much to make it fast. But the tasks that we can break down into sub tasks and identify what can be done parallel to each other, those we can definitely improve…

It’s all about project management :slight_smile:

Does the PDD need to be fully completed and signed off before handing over to the development team? As per the usual waterfall methodology. Else, are you able to sign-off parts of the PDD to therefore create User Stories or do you use a Kanban type board?

Just interested in what other teams are doing.


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