Building as a team on RPA projects

Hi, I would like to understand a bit more about approaches you have taken to develop workflows as a team. Up until now I have been building workflows individually, however now we have additional team members and I would like to understand how small teams can collaborate effectively, especially in the build phase of an RPA project.

Any tools or processes would be helpful. The simpler, the better, since we are just getting started :slight_smile:


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  1. As you said you are working as team right. So you people use any of the Code repositories available in Uipath like GIT, SVN or TFS. It will help you guys to collaboratly work each other and you can see each other code and all.

  2. And also you all people has to follow same coding standards at the time of developing workflows like proper naming conventions for variables, arguments, workflow names etc…

  3. And also rename the activity names, write comments for each activity and also at starting of the process mention like what is the input, output and process (what that workflow will do). This will help other colleague to easily understand the process.

  4. And also before start development of the project first design high level structure of the process how you are going to design and then distribute among yourselves to start development.


@lakshman, thank you, this is very helpful

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