RPA and Scrum Team

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we want to reorganize our Scrum Team. Now the question arises: how do you set up your teams? Do you have a Scrum Team consisting of a Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Developer and Infrastructure Engineer? If not, why not? My aim is to be able to decide whether the Solution Architect should work in the DevTeam or whether the solution and his decisions should be made outside of the Scrum Team. Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

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Please follow scrum team process for any project. All will be under development level in the same team and no designations. All will work as a developers including Solution Architect. SA will support team internally for designing part for all stake holders. SA also will participate in daily scrum and take this part of development effort too.

This is how scrum team will achieve large effort in shot time…
Hope my inputs are useful.

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