Scroll down

Hi there is any activity which I can use to scroll down.Right now I am using click activity in table as mention in screen shot.Due to scrolling click activity is n not able to find perticular td right now my click event is not working.

Hi @Aditya10989,

you can try with send hot key (pageDown)


Are you sure it is not finding just because of the scroll? As a .NET forms application, usually this is not a problem…

I am not sure but my click as mention in screen shot untitle2 contribution/other loss recovery.But this is not showing in my screen as mention in untitle1 because of scrolling.Code is mention in attachment untitle.But then before click I moved down page manually then its work.I am able to click on contribution/other loss recovery.And this think I try 3-4 time using manually scroll its work. So

why I think

Ok, so you can try a Click Event in the middle of the page, not in an actual button, and then a Send Hot Key with several “Down Keys”, until you are in the bottom…

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