Click the button and move down

Hey ,I want to click in the button below and drag down , but when spying i can’t get only that button
the whole table is spied , any other solutions please ?

This really is one feature I would like to see UiPath include in its library. I know there is other automation software that can click and drag, but I don’t think UiPath has a way to do this.

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aah i see , is there any other way to drag down ? because i want to get and element that exist in the end of this list that’s why i need to drag down

You can use a click activity on the bar itself or use a hotkey for pgdn to move the bar.

but when i use click activity and indicate the element i can’t spy only the button

In that case, try sending the pgdn hotkey to the window. That should do the same thing.

i tried it too but nothing happend :pensive:

What happens when you manually press the pgdn key on that page?

nothing happened when i tried manually too , so i should click on that button i guess :worried:

Yeah, you’ll have to click it. If you can’t get the element itself, you might try getting an element close by, and offsetting the coordinates so you end up clicking the scroll bar. It’s not ideal, but it should work.

by using get attribute activity ? how can i know the coordinates ?

You can use a click activity on some other element nearby. There is a section to enter the X and Y coordinates, which is an offset in pixels from where it would otherwise click. A lot of it is guessing until you find the right coordinates to properly click the scroll button.

Okei thaank you i will try

@Mery_EL, or you can just use the click image point it to down arrow. So this will always click on the image and it will scroll down

Point your click image to this: Capture

Another option is use CV Click Activity, this needs to be inside the Computer Vision Scope and you will need an API Key from your orchestrator, this is very helpful for sites that seem to not have selectors visible for each function.

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Thank you i tried your solution , apparntly its works
here is a screenshoot of what i did ,i used 2 click activities the first one with the click type DOWN and the second UP and the delay between it because i wanted that the click last for a long period instead of using a lot of click activities but the problem is its keep clicking and not passing to the next activity , any idea about ir please ?

Thaank you , its works here is the screenshoot of what i did , i used two click activities and the delay between them , the first click with the ClickType Down and the second UP to make the click press the button longer because i want to retreive the last item in the list so i need to click the button to the end of the table instead of using a lot of click activities.

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