Scroll Down end of page

Please How to scroll down the end of a page?
Also, How to make the processus click on “Next page” until he reaches the last page?

@Youssef: Use Send Hot Keys activity to scroll down the page.

Check manually how many time you are clicking page down button and use that activity.


try to find the image for next page and then if image doesnot exists then send hot key page down or send hot key ctrl+end and then again check for image exists for next page and use the loop and if image found click on the image for next page.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

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Hot key Ctrl +End will take you directly to the bottom of the page. Agree with looking for a link/image for next page. If it doesn’t exit then it’s the last page. But are you not using data scraping to automatically scroll through pages?

Thank you very much it works.
Concerning the loop, do you have a wokflow example??

No I am not.
How does it work ?

Please look at or watch the example here. Hope that helps.

You can use while loop, usually next button will be disabled when you reach the last page. Use while loop to keep clicking it while it is enable


here I have doen for the same page to click on the reply button which is in blue color in the end of this post.

here you go:ImageAutomation.xaml (14.2 KB)

Pavan H

Hi @Youssef

You can also check this sample which uses InjectJS to check if you are at the bottom of the page: (2.8 KB)


Hi @Youssef,

Scroll Down End of the page:
If you want to scroll down the end of the page please use the “Send Hotkey activity” use this key(CTRL+END) for scroll down the end of the page.

Click Next Page until reaches the last page:
For this process, you can use the Data Scraping technique for reaches the last page: