Want to scroll down and reach the end of the page and do some task

Hi All,

I want to scroll down to the end of the page and do some task. But i am unable to reach the bottom of the page. i have used the Send Hotkey in While Loop until Image Exist is <> True
but somehow it is not scanning the Image. any other options to scroll down to the end of webpage

Can you try only the End in Send hot key to Reach the Bottom Page.

Or else if the Search is text you can try by Ctrl+F and then Search for the Text in it.

Thanks for the response, but there are pages that loads when you scroll down in that case end button wont work out.

And for search we need to have that keyword in all the pages if we are using multiple web pages.

@Daniel_Raj - send hotkey using ctrl+end? also chk your imageexists selector is valid aswell.

Thanks GBK for the response, i am using “End” btn alone, hope this also serves what ctrl+End does, Moreover “Image Exist” is not successful all the time

try with Ctrl + End and look image/element at end of the scroll…

If possible , can you share some sample Webpage ?

You can use BrainyQuotes.com and go to any author and try the task.

In this page which one to be identified ?

Anything in the footer area, thats your choice

tried this image for Element Exist.


Are you able to reach to the end, have you used any looping method

Yes, I’m able to Reach the End . No looping has been used.

I am still unable to get the desired output.
I want to open a web page using Ui path only, scroll down till the end of “infinite loop”. Can you please try this

I think for me the issue is with the Hotkeys, somehow it is not working even for a simple flow

I was able to achieve this with the help of “State” concept… Now the issue i’m facing is with the web page not saving completely… after scrolling the page till the bottom and using hotkeys for saving the page, but it saves only the half portion of the page…