How to scroll the page till end?

How to scroll the page till the end?

Note:- I don’t know the exact size of the pages. It will keep on changing the page height size(like the facebook page, twitter and youtube pages)

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Hi @ganesh_rajan

Use Send Hotkey activity :slight_smile:

It will send a hotkey of Page Down

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Use send hot keys activity to reach the bottom of the page.

You have to use the following keys. This works irrespective of page size.

Ctrl + Down

Karthik Byggari

@ganesh_rajan - You can use send hotkey and they use pgdn special key

Buddy use send hot key activity with keys** ctrl + end**
This will take you to the end of the page and even if you are unknown of page size
And will work for sure
Cheers buddy @ganesh_rajan

If i press ctrl+end keys and then few more pages loading.Is there anyway to reach out entire page(like my twitter pages having 1000 tweets-No End)?

Think like this…You don’t know last end of page.Now how to handle this scenario?

Hi @ganesh_rajan,

The content is most probably dynamically loaded on click/scroll down

  1. Button (if there is any)
    If the “show more” button disappears after loading the last page (which it probably does)
    Then use retry scope to click it in a loop until it’s gone

  2. Scrolling
    The same mechanism as for button scenario but instead clicking “show more” you need to scroll down and instead checking if the button is available you need to check if content of last item (can be ID, number, or whatever you’ll be able to scrape) displayed is the same as before scrolling … if it is then you’re on the last page … if it’s not then you need to keep scrolling

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