How to find the end of the page

I will hold the string to search in one variable and I use it inside the while loop, if the string is not found in the first page need to scroll down, if the variable is not found till the end of the page need to come out of the while loop.

Hai @Megha_D_Gowda
Use Hot key Ctrl +End will take u to the bottom of the page. Agree with looking for any text or something else for next page. If it doesn’t exit then it’s the last page. Use Data scraping it’s help u better…

Page size may vary

Hi @Megha_D_Gowda

Use PageDown as Hotkey , doesn’t matter of Page Length

Hope it works !! :slight_smile:

Hi @Krishna_547 ,

I have used page down now, but the pages are dynamic, sometimes there will be single page, so I need to know how more efficient can be done

  1. Set focus on First element
  2. Read the element and store in one variable
  3. Do the necessary processing
  4. Click down to focus on next element.
  5. Read the element and store in another variable.
  6. Check is both elements are same? compare variable (2) with variable (5)
  7. If same, => end of page reached (as you will be clicking down arrow, scrolling will automatically happen). Check for next page and repeat the steps
  8. If not same, repeat steps from 3.

@Megha_D_Gowda - Displayed window load the items while performing the scroll/page down action?
you can try below
1 - Send Hot Key → select the screen → input as ‘pgdn’ or ‘scroll’

2 - Use custom ScrollActivity activity “NuGet Gallery | ScrollActivity 1.0.2
It takes two arguments

  • up (True of False): tells the activity to scroll up or down
  • amount (number): tells UiPath how much to scroll. 1 = ± 120 pixels, 2 = ± 240 pixels …
  • Indicate the correct element pane to scroll.

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